Gazoz is our laughter in our childhood. A remembrance when older.

And happily it's our job.


We share great flavors with wonderful visuals. We offer  ''Beyoglu Gazozu'' to your  appreciation with nostalgia and loyalty of the past.

It's marvellous to dig in to the roots of lost values and dream to revitalize and blend them with today's world. 


Beyoğlu Gazozu is a small piece of that 

wonderful dream. 


We have started in Beyoğlu where the history of  ''Turkish Gazoz/Soda'' began.


''Galata Tower''  was the inspiration of our bottle. 

Gazoz is our laughter in  our childhood.

A remembrance when older.

And Happily it's our  job...



The glass bottle package designed inspired by Galata Tower, recieved an award in the "Packaging Design" category at the European Red Dot Communication Design 2017 held in Berlin on October 27th.


Red Dot, which is considered the most prestigious award of the design world, a total of 8000 new designs from 50 countries competed that year. Awarded in the category of Packaging Design, Beyoglu Soda made Turkey proud.




(Source: #History Magazine; Gastro History)

At the end of the 19th century, Sultan II. It is known that some non-Muslims opened a gazoz shop in Istanbul during the reign of Abdülhamid.


The first soda factory was established in 1890 in Beyoğlu by Businessman Aleksandr Mısırlıoğlu and his partners Ligor Bazlamacıoğlu and Leon Şor.


Miscellaneous soda was soon followed by other sodas.


In the first years, soda production was done by primitive methods.


The sugar syrup was transferred to a felt bag with a mug, filtered, filled into bottles with a coffee pot, then sold in bottles, siphons or in trolleys.



It is known that during Sultan Abdulhamid's reign, at the end of the

19th Century, ''Gazeuse Houses'' / (Gazozhane) have started operating.


The first ''Gazozhane/Gazeuse House'' was established in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, in 1890 by businessman Alexander Mısırlıoğlu and his partners Ligor  Bazlamacıoğlu and Leon Şor. ''Mısırlıoğlu Gazeuse'' was then followed by other sodas very soon.

Soda production was made by primitive methods  in early days. Sugar syrup was filtered by transfering into felt bags with tankards; using pots to fill in to the bottles. And then, they were sold within the bottles, soda syphons or glasses in pushcarts. In 1960's, it is also known

that there were around a thousand local soda brands.


Soda brands which were launched in 19th Century in Beyoğlu, so-called

''The Gazeuse Heaven'' expanded from there to all Anatolia with unique local tastes. Nowadays, local nostalgic ''gazeuse'' tastes have started to arise again slowly, but with solid steps.

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