History of Flavoured Soda / ''Gazeuse''  (Source: #History Magazine; Gastro History)

The sparkling mineral water for health goes back in very old days. The first person who added ''carbonate'' to water was British Doctor Joseph Priestley in 1767. 

Three years later Swedish Torbern Bergman had made it possible to produce carbonated  sparkling mineral water in large amounts by creating

an equipment to produce carbondioxide.

In 1832, the inventer John Mathews had produced carbondioxide by mixing ''sulfuric acid'' and marble powder , in a lead tank. He adds various flavours to

sweeten this ''not really good tasting'' drink and adds sodiumcarbonate to be able to keep  its sparkling.


This invention has made the sales points possible to sell ''gazeuse''  throughout the day with soda fountain. 

History of  Flavoured Soda in Turkey   (Source: #History Magazine; Gastro History)

It is known that during Sultan Abdulhamid's reign, at the end of the 19th Century, ''Gazeuse Houses'' / (Gazozhane) have started operating.

The first ''Gazozhane/Gazeuse House'' was established in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, in 1890 by businessman Alexander Mısırlıoğlu and his

partners Ligor  Bazlamacıoğlu and Leon Şor. ''Mısırlıoğlu Gazeuse'' was then followed by other sodas very soon.

Soda production  was made by primitive methods  in early days. Sugar syrup was filtered by transfering into felt bags with tankards;

using pots to fill in to the bottles.  And then, they were sold within the bottles, soda syphons or glasses in pushcarts.

In 1960's, it is also known that there were around a thousand local soda brands.


Soda brands which were launched in 19th Century in Beyoğlu, so-called ''The Gazeuse Heaven'' expanded from there to all Anatolia with unique local tastes. Nowadays, local nostalgic ''gazeuse'' tastes have started to arise again slowly, but with solid steps.

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